Frequently asked questions

Dogs who attend doggy day care are less anxious, which means they suffer less from separation anxiety and display less destructive behaviors at home. They become more social and less fearful of the unknown. They become more fit due to the time spent playing and being brought for walks during their time spent at day care. Dogs in general who attend day care on a regular basis are happier dogs due to the mental and physical stimulations they receive from being part of a pack which is natural for them.

We recommend your puppy is at least 12 weeks old before they attend day care (providing they have all of their vaccinations). Senior dogs are also welcome and they will be matched with dogs of similar temperament and capabilities. If your pet has certain limitations we recommend disclosing this with the doggy day care staff present on the day and for it to be included in their registration forms. 

At Beanfeet Doggy Day Care we respect your decision not to spay/neuter your dog. Our rules and regulations here are constructed solely for the safety of the pack. Dogs that have not been spayed/neutered are usually not best suited to open play environments such as day care. 

Dogs that are not spayed or neutered are more likely to impregnate or be impregnated. Spaying and neutering your dog gives them a better opportunity to play with toys and other digs without getting possessive. 

Yes. When the dogs enter doggy day care they are never left unsupervised at anytime. Our staff are constantly moving throughout the pack monitoring all of the dogs to ensure everyone is happy. 

Yes! We update our social media pages hourly to ensure owners can see how their pooch is doing through out the day.

We will always update you and keep you informed through social media of how your dog is getting on throughout the day.

We give the dogs healthy treats through out the day but we do not provide full meals. If you wish for your dog to be fed during the day you can bring their food with you and let a member of staff know when you arrive.

Yes. All of the dogs are brought out for toilet breaks and a walk each day. We have a park directly behind our establishment.

We would recommend if your dog has any food or treat preference to bring their own treats. Also make sure to bring their lead/harness for walks.